Hamburg-based startup CF Flex Power GmbH introduces “Rent a Trader” service to navigate energy crisis

CF Flex Power GmbH, a startup located in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn area, is offering a unique service called “Rent a Trader,” which was created in response to the recent energy crisis. The company trades electricity on behalf of clients who require a stable, affordable supply of electricity amid the inconsistent nature of renewable energy sources.

The European Union aims to obtain over 40% of its power from renewable sources by the end of the decade, resulting in immense price fluctuations. CF Flex Power charges fees or receives a percentage of the trading profits for its services, employing experienced traders that specialize in handling volatility. Suena Energy GmbH is among its clients, as its focus on optimizing rather than trading required a reliable trading partner. T

he intraday power market, where electricity for the next few hours is purchased and sold, is the center of CF Flex Power’s offerings, and volumes increased 55% in March from a year earlier on the Epex Spot SE exchange, the largest marketplace. The company’s experienced traders, who honed their skills at Next Kraftwerke GmbH, liken themselves to “experienced mountaineers” who “thrive in risky situations.”