Dollar Debilitates Against The Yen After Momentarily Rising Above 150

The U.S. dollar strongly weakened against the yen on Tuesday, only minutes after momentarily transcending 150 since October 2022, setting off disarray in the market about whether the Bank of Japan intervened.

The dollar ascended as high as 150.165 yen as the greenback pushed higher against most monetary standards, driven by flooding U.S. Treasury yields before dropping heavily.

Traders were attempting to figure out in the event that Japan’s national bank had intervened in the market.

Japan’s finance ministry was not promptly accessible for input as for now. The New York Central bank didn’t answer demands for input.
Japan purchased yen in September 2022, its initial foray to the market to safeguard its currency starting around 1998, after a Bank of Japan (BOJ) choice to keep a super free financial strategy drove the yen as low as 145 for each dollar. It broke again in October last year after the yen plunged to a 32-year low of 151.94.