Headway Launches Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Investing App

Headway is an international financial company providing solutions for trading and investing. In Q4 2023, Headway is releasing its new product – NOVA by Headway, a service for investing in tokenized real estate. On NOVA, users can profit from real estate with the help of digital shares, i.e. tokens. Investments are secured by blockchain and accessible to everyone from $50 in the NOVA app.

NOVA, a part of the Headway ecosystem

Headway is a regulated financial company. NOVA is an investment service developed by Headway. It belongs to the Headway ecosystem of licensed financial services for clients around the world. 

Why is NOVA interesting for investors?

NOVA aims to revolutionize investing in real estate. This is how the service works:

  • NOVA team takes a high-end property (there are options available in Dubai, UAE).
  • They tokenize it, i.e., they create digital shares of this property.
  • They offer property tokens to investors starting from $50. It is the lowest investment sum the real estate market can offer today.

With NOVA tokens, investors own the right to receive profits from a property’s long-term appreciation and rent. Users get regular dividends for their investments right in the app. 

Why invest with the NOVA app?

NOVA service integrates the best of TradFi (traditional finance) and DeFi (decentralized finance) into one app:

It is easy. The user purchases a token in the app. The investment generates profits, while responsibility for property maintenance is on the NOVA team.

It is secure. NOVA tokens are secured by blockchain. Every investor can find full information on the Ethereum Explorer. All operations are transparent and decentralized.

It is profitable. Though NOVA tokens are digital, they depend on the live market price of the physical property. With NOVA tokens, investors profit from market appreciation as well as regular rental dividends. It scales up user’s profits massively.

Innovate your way to real estate

Try out the new investing service supported by the international broker. Visit the NOVA website to learn more:

About Headway

Headway is an international broker. Trading conditions are customized to traders’ needs. For more information, visit

About NOVA

NOVA by Headway is a service for affordable investments in tokenized real estate accessible to all starting from $50. Install the app on the App Store and Google Play.